Improvisations (2024)

Improvisations is an interactive, audio-visual installation that explores the theme of improvisation and allows visitors to directly affect the outcome of the piece. It consists of generative visuals projected onto the walls of the gallery and a generative ambient soundscape that plays through speakers set up around the room. Visitors can directly interact with the installation through sound and movement. Inputs from visitors are detected by motion sensors and microphones. Interactivity is a core element of the installation as it allows visitors to become the improvisors. Improvisations explores the unexpected ways that visitors behave in the environment and the unique ways that the installation responds to these inputs.

Imaginary Landscapes (2024)

Imaginary Landscapes is a live concert of original electronic music with real-time, audio-reactive visuals. The theme of the concert is built around capturing the essence of dreamy and surrealist worlds. The music was created using Ableton Live and VCV Rack. The animations were created using TouchDesigner.

Imaginary Landscapes Performed 5/4/2024 at West Chester University

Women On Record (2022)

This collaborative project sought to create animations set to music for the Women On Record exhibit at West Chester University. The exhibit was a showcase of female musicians, composers, and artists from Philadelphia. Animation by Victor Hua.